Androids are artificially created but free thinking life forms, which serve a variety of useful functions. They know no fear or emotion and can withstand conditions that no human or Dorindan can.

Human built androids are generally deployed in support roles as medics, pilots or engineers. They are given sufficient combat training to defend themselves and their comrades. They are often, although not always, built to appear human. However, they are too expensive to be used as front line combat troops, and high command is hesitant about developing combat droids for fear of them going out of control.

Dorindans have long made use of AI and use it widely. Their androids are sometimes used for combat since the Dorindans themselves are not natural soldiers. They are never built to look like Dorindans since, unlike humans, Dorindans do not find the concept of sentient machines disconcerting.

Better than human
Androids do not suffer any ill effects from fear or pain. Nor do they suffer from disease, poison or the effects of vacuum.

The Laws of Robotics
Androids are programmed so that they may never by action or inaction harm a human being.


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