The Dorinda are a race of humanoids similar to humans. They live on planets similar to Earth, although they are more comfortable in warm environments than humans. A Dorinda finds any temperature below 20℃ cold and is comfortable in temperatures of up to 50℃.

Technologically the Dorinda are more advanced than humans, having mastered anti-grav and pulse weapon technology. Perhaps more importantly their work on FTL drives has enabled both species to explore the galaxy more easily. Fortunately for humanity they are a naturally peaceable race who would rather cooperate than compete with humanity.

Humans and Dorinda regularly attach soldiers to each others military in order to learn from each other, and most marines have encountered Dorinda on numerous occasions. There are treaties between the two races that prohibit Humans from being issued with Dorinda weaponry.

The Dorinda are naturally intelligent creatures. They must begin with a minimum Understanding 3.

Dorinda prefer to avoid violence towards other sentient species and will only attack in self defence. Bugs and other non-humanoid aliens are fair game however.

Warmth loving
In temperatures below 20℃ Dorinda must pass a Toughness roll every eight hours or take 5N damage, which may eventually lead to them passing out and going into a form of hibernation. This is normally less of a problem than it might appear since their uniforms are insulated to protect them from lower temperatures giving them an extra dice for the roll.

Pulse Weapons
Dorinda attached to UEMC squads still carry the pulse weapons common to their race. Lighter and more powerful than a UEMC assault rifle they are truly fine weapons. They have same stats as an assault rifle but do 15L Damage and have Capacity 40.

Design Notes
The Dorindans are inspired by the Vulcans from Star Trek and the Tau from Warhammer 40k.


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