Once your character is created, hit the supply room and gear up. Characters in Marines don’t get starting money to buy equipment (although they may carry some cash for luxuries when at camp or on R&R). As members of the military, they’re assigned a basic load of equipment that is laid out by their unit’s TO&E (Table of Organization and Equipment). This limits the weapons a unit deploys with — even special operators.

The following is typical equipment carried by marines.

Basic Equipment Weight (lbs)
Helmet 4
Body armour 12
Canteen 1
MREs x3 3
Grenades x4 1
Total 56

Extra Equipment Weight (lbs)
50 rnds Minigun 5
Medi Kit 8
Radio 8
Pistol with 22rnds 4
Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) 1 each
Respirator 3


Combat Shotgun
Capable of firing buck shot or slugs, these weapons are ideal for close quarters battle.

Marine Assault Rifle (Mk6)
Standard issue to human marines, this is a rugged and adaptable weapon that can fire single shot, three round bursts or full automatic. Several attachments are available, including an underslung grenade launcher, flash light and bayonet. A scope is fitted as standard.

Generally used as a back up weapon or in very cramped conditions.

Pulse Carbine
About 50% more powerful than a MAR, lighter and with a bigger clip; the Dorinda pulse carbine is a formidable weapon. It fires small bolts of plasma that can can turn a most bugs into a pile of steaming goo. This weapon is only carried by Dorinda, and the UEMC has strict regulations that prohibit Marines from using these weapons. There have been cases of marines using weapons from a fallen Dorinda, but no one ever gets to keep them.

This machine gun is the main source of fire support for an infantry squad. Its high rate of fire allows it to dominate the battlefield, but this also means that it can use up an entire 200 round belt of ammo in under a minute.


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