2150 AD

Mankind is gradually colonising the galaxy, terraforming planets and building settlements. Already we have made contact with the Dorinda, a race of humanoids similar to ourselves. In the century since our first encounters we have established a firm alliance with them; the galaxy is a hostile place, infested by a multitude of dangers, and humanity needs all the friends it can get. Space travel has brought benefits but it remains a dangeros business.

TAlthpughhe truly terrible aliens are the strange insectoids who prey on outposts and remote planets leaving infected victims in their wake. Known as bugs, they are a stealthy and deadly foe.

Nor are aliens the only threat to stability. Mankind continues to fight amongst itself as rebellious planets battle each other for precious resources.

The UEMC is the first and often only line of defence against these dangers. Equipped with the best weapons and the most rigorous training available, the Marines hold the Colonial Worlds together for the Earth Government.


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