I figured it would be fun to adapt the Atomic Highway vehicle rules to Starship combat. The basics of vehicular combat remain the same so I’d encourage people to check those rules out to see how this is supposed to work.

What do vehicle stats represent?

Muscle – Power output and efficiency.
Nimebleness – the craft’s maneuverabulity.
Toughness – armour, build quality, structural integrity, number of back up systems. Size.
Speed – Relative speed in a tactical situation. Since combat is not possible at FTL speeds it’s FTL value is separate.
Senses – Quality of the ships sensor systems and targeting computer.
Understanding – computer systems. Not likely to be directly useful for combat

The chart below gives a very general overview of how the values scale. There may not be qn upper limit on some stats for some generic ship types.

Muscle Nimbleness Toughness Speed Senses
0 Tie Fighter Space Station Tie Fighter Space Station
1 Starfighter Battleship Starfighter Cargo drone Human/Dorindan ships
2 Cruiser
3 Patrol ship Patrol ship Patrol ship Patrol ship
4 Frigate Heavy Starfighter Frigate Heavy Starfighter
5 Cruiser Starfighter Cruiser Starfighter
6 Battleship Battleship

Health points = Muscle + Toughness x 15.

Shields = Muscle x 10

By way of reference, here is my current thinking for the stats of your ship the Enterprise:

Muscle Nimbleness Toughness Speed Senses
2 1 2 2 1

Yes, it’s not really very good…but there will be an opportunity for you to improve it in the next session.

Types of ship

One man ship with fixed weapons.

Heavy Starfighter
One or two man ship with fixed weapons and possibly a turret mounted weapon.
Star Wars Y wing or similar.

Cargo Drone
An unarmed vessel with less than five crew that hauls cargo within a solar system.

Patrol Ship
A multi purpose ship with 10 -20 crew.

A light warship with 100-200 crew.

A heavily armed warship with 200 – 400 crew.

A massive battleship with over 500 crew and possibly thousands. This type of ship could be vary greatly in size and stats.

Space Station
Self explanatory but notable in that it can’t move!


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