Welcome to the web page for our role playing game. It’s really just here for fun, for people to write up adventure logs, character descriptions or to post pictures of people, places and ships from the game. Please feel free to add to the information on the wiki. i’m happy for you to add detail to existing entries. So long as you don’t go against anything that is established canon, I’m really not very likely to edit it out. :-) If there’s interest I might do a little play by post game on the forum.

If you need any encouragement to put stuff up, rest assured that I will give out FORTUNE POINTS for contributions that are particularly fun or entertaining!

It’s 2150. Earth is united under one government and has started colonising nearby planets. One hundred years ago humans encountered their first alien race the Dorinda. This peaceful and technologically advanced civilisation has become a firm ally of humanity. The two races have formed a Federation to cooperate on matters of science and security whilst retaining their respective governments on their own planets. Prolonged cooperation between their military forces against the Bugs has led to the recent creation of the Federation Marine Corps (FMC). Drawn from volunteers from the Dorindan Defence Network and the United Earth Marine Corps, the FMC is a rapid reaction force which deals with crises throughout Federation space.

You are part of the Marine Corps.

Colonial Marines

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